Surviving in the world of Private Equity


Key themes from ‘Aan tafel met uw aandeelhouder’ (Around the table with your shareholder)

Consulting assignments in the world of Private Equity inspired me, in 2005, to write an article. Key-themes in this article are:

  • You need to understand the game and you should want to be part of it. The key driver often remains creating maximum value for all players
  • The strategies of parties in the private equity market differ considerably: a fund behaves very different than a family office.
  • “Staying strong”: this applies to both the management and the non-executive board members.
  • The need for and attention to adequate checks and balances in controlling the participating interests.
  • The image and professionalism of the world of venture capital companies used to leave room for improvement, and it still does.

This publication is only available in the Dutch language: click here for a pdf-file