The art of proper supervision


What’s going on?

  • Society demands that non-executive board members improve their professionalism.
  • Non-executive board members have to meet an increasing number of requirements: know-how and behaviour
  • Supervising is about functioning in a divers team
  • Supervising is about trust.



  • As an advisor I assist in self-evaluations of non-executive boards (profit and non-profit).
  • As a coach I support recently appointed non-execuitve board members in finding their role.


My contribution as a consultant

In self evaluations I pay particular attention to:

  • The relationship between the executive board and the supervisory board;
  • How the chair performs;
  • The way the supervisory board acts as a team and
  • Governance requirements.

To do this, I use a digital questionnaire and hold individual interviews, among other things.

My own experience

Since the end of the eighties I’ve been a member of more than ten supervisory boards. The first ones were at independent DSM subsidiaries (in North-Western Europe). Subsequent ones were at a sustainable bank, two rehabilitation centres, a sustainable consultancy firm, a housing corporation, youth care and in a family business. I also completed the non-executive prograam at Nijenrode Business University.



My network

  • NKCC
  • IN-Board (INSEAD alumni)