Your next position and own leadership style


My contribution as a coach/sounding board

This is all about:

  • Raising awareness of your own qualities, talents and values.
  • Learning to be receptive to signals from within and outside the organisation: from colleagues, employees, clients, suppliers and other stakeholders.
  • Being more decisive and unifying: after having listened to stakeholders, making clear why certain decisions will be taken.
  • Effective leadership styles are situational

Depending on the question, tests can be used to clarify matters.


My clients’ questions

  • Developing my own leadership style: what kind of leadership style do I prefer and does it suit the company’s current situation?
  • Performing, also as a non-executive director: what’s it all about?
  • Working together as a member of the executive board, in relation to the supervisory board and senior line management.
  • Surviving the political game.
  • The new position: what will my next step be?
  • Sounding board:  I need an independent sounding board, someone who’ll listen and ask the relevant questions.
  • And so often: the balance


My own experience

I’d have given my right arm for a coach at critical moments in my professional life!



Summary of Jestor and Treasurer, Ten Leaders on Executive Coaching


My network

During the twelfe years that I am an executive coach, I have developed an important network with other coaches and professionals, active in the field of personal development.