Clients and sector expertise


The business community is my natural target group

  • Corporates: divisions and business units
  • Larger family enterprise
  • Professional organisations
  • Venture capital companies and their participating interests
  • The non-profit sector: passing on my experience from the profit sector
  • International, but with Dutch roots (especially Western Europe, incidentally also in Eastern Europe and North America).

As a PUM-expert ( I have fulfilled assigments in Rwanda (2014) and Marocco (2015).


Family business

As my father was a director and major shareholder (of a scientific publishing house), I’ve been familiar with advantages and disadvantages of this type of business since I was a young boy. Later on in life, I became engrossed in sustainability and that’s when it dawned on me that the long-term vision of the family business is one of the important aspects of sustainable businesses. When I first worked as a consultant, I also became familiar with the dilemmas faced by the management board of a large family business. In the beginning of 2014 I entered into a partnership with some other consultants, specialized in consulting the family business: INNOOConsulting and guiding the family business - from generation to generation


Professional organisations

Two elements are the basis for the success of professional organisations:

  • attract, retain, fully develop and optimally deploy employees and partners
  • while acting as a properly functioning partnership.

When I first worked as a consultant, I was a partner and a managing partner. 


Sector experience

I worked in many sectors as an employee/manager, consultant and non-executive. I feel at home in the following sectors: Agricultural suppliers: agriculture and horticulture, the chemical industry, the financial sector (banks and M&A), mental health (rehabilitation care), wholesale and logistics, private equity and professional firms.